Sky rebrand brings order from chaos

Sky rebrand

Each channel in the rebrand gets its own identity

Satellite television network Sky has revealed a colourful new look for its entertainment portfolio. The rebrand includes a new logo design for its Sky 1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Arts channels along with accompanying animated idents, in what the company describes as its biggest redesign yet.

Sky rebrand

Flagship channel Sky 1 is presented as a hero

The rebrand has been designed to ensure that every channel will have its own unique identity. For example, Sky 1’s personality is presented as a hero character standing proud in the centre of animated chaos, while Sky Arts is described as the network’s ‘catalyst for creativity’ which can be seen in an on screen presence that beautifully transforms everyday scenes.

Meanwhile, Sky Atlantic is portrayed as the “home of epic and world class storytelling”, with the treatments revealing “the stories that lie within”. An uncluttered logo containing imagery from the channel’s programmes helps to carry this message across.

Sky’s Director of Brand & Creative, Liz Darran, explains why it was time for a change: “The way people view content continues to evolve and we are at the forefront of transforming that experience.”

“By collaborating with best in class partners we have showcased how creativity and technology can work together to deliver a brilliant on-screen viewing experience for our customers,” she adds, referencing the work of Sky’s in-house creative team, plus production partners Polynoid, Rattling Stick, The Mill, Got Got Need, MPC, Envy, Box of Toys and Certain.

Sky rebrand

Sky Arts is described as a ‘catalyst for creativity’

Simon Buglione, Executive Creative Director at Sky Creative, highlights that the rebrand ties into the platform’s pioneering attitude. “Sky has helped revolutionize the way people watch TV and we are proud to be part of this exciting chapter,” he says.

Sky rebrand

World class storytelling is at the heart of Sky Atlantic

However good design always has to keep functionality in mind. “The creative is ambitious and brand defining but most importantly will help our customers navigate our content in an engaging and entertaining way,” Simon adds.

Viewers can enjoy the seamless identity and promos by tuning into Sky right now.

Source: DesignBloq

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