Branding for Kunsthalle Bozen by Studio Mut“Mut created the…

Branding for Kunsthalle Bozen by Studio Mut

“Mut created the identity and the graphic design for Kunsthalle Bozen. Founded by artist Cornelia Lochmann and collector André Simonow, the new art space wants to become a center for hedonism and beauty, connecting Bolzano to the rest of the world.”

Studio Mut is a graphic design studio founded by Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer, based in Bolzano, Italy. We specialise in identity, print, editorial and web design for clients spanning art, culture and commerce. We seek for simple and powerful solutions, bold aesthetics and surprising outputs across all platforms. Our work has been described as both playful and serious, and we strive to keep the balance.

Source: The Design Blog

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