Amazing interactive video gives you an artist’s POV

Virtual Art Sessions

Watch VR artowrk come to life in real-time

Have you ever looked at an amazing piece of art and wondered “how did they do that?” Well, thanks to a Google Chrome Experiment called Virtual Art Sessions, you can now observe artists as they develop virtual reality creations from any angle – including their point of view.

Virtual art sessions

The first person angle gives viewers a unique perspective

This virtual reality experiment sees six world-renowned artists whip up paintings in real-time with Tilt Brush. By watching videos of the artists at work, viewers will get an invaluable insight into how concept designers, illustrators and sculptors think.

Virtual art session

All of the artwork is created with Tilt Brush

As is becoming the norm with VR projects, viewers are able to interact with each video as it plays and manipulate the image. With a simple click and drag the video sessions can be rotated until you find the angle you’re after. Alternatively, click on a box out in the corner to see what the artist sees.

Virtual art session

Choose between watching concept designers, illustrators and sculptors at work

The experiment renders huge amounts of data, including point cloud data of the artist’s physical form, the artwork’s 3D geometry data, and the position of the VR controllers. Thanks to open source web technologies, this data can be viewed and experienced by anyone using the web without the need for an app or a plug-in.

Given that Virtual Art Sessions is an open source experiment, you might run into a few teething problems while having a poke around – and you certainly require Chrome to view it at all. But don’t let this stop you from investigating one of the most creative and artistic uses of VR to date.

Source: DesignBloq

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