13 top free brush fonts

Fonts come in all manner of designs – retro fonts, handwriting fonts and script fonts, to name a few. In this article, we’re focusing on brush fonts, which can add a humanistic and playful approach to your designs and look great printed.

Here, we’ve scoured the web to find 13 top examples of free brush fonts to put to good use in your projects. Enjoy!

01. Selima

Free brush font: Selima

Selima is free for both personal and commercial use

Created by the team at Jroh Creative, Selima is beautiful and elegant brush font, which is free for both personal and commercial use.

02. Rissa

Free brush font: Rissa

Rissa is perfectly suited to stationery, logos and much more

With an authentic brush, handcrafted feel, Rissa is perfectly suited to stationery, logos and much more.

03. Kust

Free brush font: Kust

Kust was created using a thick brush using pure black ink

Kust was created by fashion designer and painter Ieva Mezule. The letters were drawn on hard paper with a thick brush using pure black ink. Featuring 80 characters, every letter has a unique structure, with a distorted look.

04. Beacon

Free brush font: Beacon

Beacon is a beautiful hand drawn font

Beacon is a wonderfully fluid serifed typeface created by Cuong Truong Van. Free to download for both personal and commercial use, this font is packed with idiosyncrasies that are sure to add some personality to your work. We particularly like how the open letters and uneven curves give this font a rough wobbly finish.

05. Ampad Brush

Free brush font: Ampad Brush

This scratchy font comes in different styles

Thanks to its fading brush marks, Ampad Brush creates a distressed look as the letters appear to be scraped across the screen. Made by Gene Gilmore, Ampad Brush is the go-to typeface if you’re looking to inject a sense of horror to your artwork. Ampad comes in four different styles, so you can pick the best one to suit your project.

06. True Lies

Free brush font: True Lies font

Create slick, edgy text with True Lies

Screeching over the page like a car burning rubber, Jonathan Harris’ True Lies font is free to download for personal use. As well as covering the alphabet, thie typeface also includes numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. With a gritty, uneven finish and not a serif to be seen, True Lies is sure to make your text look rough and ready.

07. Goatskin Brush

Free brush font: Goatskin Brush

Add a touch of Asian influence with this flowing font

The broad ink strokes in Måns Grebäck’s Goatskin Brush are ideal for artists looking to add a splash of Asian influence to their work. Carefully simulating the type of marks you would expect to find in East Asian calligraphy, Goatskin Brush is the best of both worlds as it adapts the style to fit the English alphabet.

Including uppercase and lowercase words, plus a selection of punctuation marks, Goatskin Brush is a must-have typeface for your toolkit.

08. Surfing Capital

Free brush font: Surfing Capital

Surfing Capital has a suitably washed out look

Looking as if it’s been bleached by the sun, Surfing Capital is a pleasant, relaxed font created by the Branded Quotes. Thanks to the different layers of shading, Surfing Capital has a greater sense of texture than your average typeface, making it a sure-fire way to add a spot of personality to your message.

09. Levi Brush

Free brush fonts: Levi Brush

This paint splatter-style font comes in two free varieties

This free brush font was designed by the Romanian designer Levi Szekeres. The paint splatter holds similarities to album covers from David Guetta’s ‘One Love’ to Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’. A variation called Levi ReBrushed is also available for free and includes variations on the paint splatter.

10. Brush Hand New

Free brush fonts: Brush Hand New

Brush Hand New is a refinement of Edwin W Shaar’s Flash Bold

Brush Hand New is a free brush font based on Flash Bold, a typeface created by Edwin W Shaar in 1939. K-Type‘s New version simplifies, lightens and smoothes out ragged edges. Outlines are improved to remove any remaining harshness, resulting in softer, smoother flowing glyphs ideal for titles and display purposes.

11. Paint Hand

Free brush fonts: Paint Hand

Distorted brush font Paint Hand is ideal for child-focused design

Distorted and ragged, Paint Hand is a free brush font designed by Ursula Hitz from Switzerland. The typeface we feature here is playful and ideal for child-focused products or content. Hitz has cultivated diverse talents in typography, graphics and cheese making. Since moving to London a decade ago, her work has focused on location and place, and has been exhibited in a range of galleries.

12. Cylburn

Free brush fonts: Cylburn

Cylburn offers a nod to the art of sign painting

Cylburn is a semi-connected script by Dai Foldes. Cylburn structurally based on Roundhand but written with a pointed brush and restrained tension that separate it from its traditional roots. Dai Foldes lives in Baltimore, applying his background in painting to lettering and type. We love this free brush font for its balance between the imperfect hand and pixel perfect rendering – a nod to the art of sign painting.

13. Mothproof Script

Free brush fonts: Mothproof Script

Mothproof Script has a visual weight similar to traditional blackletter forms

Mothproof Script is a expressive and broad calligraphy typeface designed by Diego Quintana. This free brush font has a visual weight similar to traditional blackletter forms, with better legibility. Quitana is a self-made freelance graphic designer and self-taught web programmer. He enjoys projects that try to change and move people over selling them products.

Source: DesignBloq

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